Essential Wilderness Survival Skills

We are all aware that some ‘survival situations’ happen very quickly and there may be no time to prepare. You may be in an accident. Your vehicle has rolled and you are miles from civilization. Your cell phone won’t pick up a signal, so you’ll need to save your own butt! In this hypothetical scenario, […]

A Quick Guide To Edible Plants

In a bug out situation it’s always handy to know what types of plants you can and can’t eat. Foraging for extra food is a great way to extend the capacity of the food you are bringing with you. But you need to be careful and avoid potential self-poisoning. So, lets put the disclaimer on […]

Why you should get an Electric Bike..

Yes, I’m serious. If you haven’t considered getting an electric bike as part of your survival kit, then lets run through a few of the reasons you may want to get one. When the SHTF and you need to bug out quickly, an electric bike can be very handy to get 20-30 miles away from […]

Home Survival Kits – The Basics

An interesting survey conducted in 2019 found that over 68% of US households in the survey agreed that home preparedness packs were considered a necessity. Unfortunately, a much smaller number reported that they had actually taken steps to prepare one! Clearly, many people found the process daunting. The reality is that it is not as […]

Survival Prepping Goes Mainstream

One of the interesting things about human nature is its ability to block out ‘inconvenient realities’. Whether it’s in our personal or work relationships, or in the society we inhabit. We all tend to rely on past and current experiences to guide our expectations of the future. We ignore new potential threats when they do […]