Why you should get an Electric Bike..

Yes, I’m serious. If you haven’t considered getting an electric bike as part of your survival kit, then lets run through a few of the reasons you may want to get one.

  • When the SHTF and you need to bug out quickly, an electric bike can be very handy to get 20-30 miles away from trouble in a short time. Lets address one obvious drawback early on in this piece. Your capacity to carry a lot of gear is limited. But, depending on the circumstances that may be a better option.
  • When disaster hits, roads can get blocked pretty quickly with everyone trying to leave the area in their cars. Motorbikes are a way around traffic, but after a few days getting fuel may be difficult. An electric bike with spare batteries provides more independence.
  • Stealth. Electric bikes are very quiet. Perfect for moving around without drawing attention to yourself; especially at night or off-road. They are light too, so lifting them over obstacles that would stop a motorbike is another plus.
  • Portability. If using a car is your first option, then having an electric bike strapped on to the rack becomes a perfect plan B. If you run out of gas or have mechanical problems, you may have to abandon your vehicle. An ebike will keep you moving.
  • Pedal power. Most better quality electric bikes are designed to be used even if the motor is out of charge. As long as you can pedal the bike then you wont have to abandon excess gear and walk.
  • Off-road. With a good set of wide-tread tyres, ebikes are perfect for cross county runs or hiking trails. In most disaster situations, you really want to avoid people as much as possible. Main roads will be clogged with cars and desperate people. Some will want to separate you from your belongings. That means using off-road trails and small bridges to move around; particularly at night.
  • Snow conditions. If you live anywhere that gets plenty of snow in the winter, you can be sure that there wont be any snowploughs working if there is a breakdown in social order. Roads will be impassable without a 4WD and chains. A fat tire ebike will be able to push through up to a foot of snow. Keep in mind that moving through snow is going to drain your batteries a lot faster than normal. (Another reason to have spare batteries) The important thing is that you can maintain your mobility even though the weather is against you.

A final word on ebikes. Always carry spares. And I’m not just talking about fully charged batteries. When the SHTF you are not going to be able to source parts. So, make sure you carry spares, particularly items like drive-units.

I hope this article got your thought processes working. Getting an electric bike could be just the solution you need for your getaway plans!

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