100 FT Black Mil Spec Paracord 500 Lbs Test

You’re on a mountain. You can almost see the peak, you’re almost there but suddenly… the shoelace of your favorite hiking boots simply just snapped in two and you can’t go on as your foot is not secured. But that’s not a problem because you have your 100% MILITARY SPECIFICIATION compliant Paracord which is the perfect substitute for a shoelace.

The Material

Our 100 Feet long Paracord is BATTLE-TESTED to withstand 500 lbs making it super strong and reliable. This Paracord is the perfect companion for those ready to take on the wild seeing as it can resist all kinds of abrasions or tangling and it will not rot or deteriorate.

Due to its length and durability, this Paracord will SURVIVE the toughest conditions, just like its user.

The Details

This Mil Spec Paracord is multi-purposeful and can be used for tying and lashing; it can be used for hiking and hunting to set different types of traps or snares; for grips on knives and axes or as a paracord tool; and so much more.

Its multi-functionality and reliability is what makes our Paracord a TACTICAL GEAR item every survivalist needs.

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