2.5mm Reflective Paracord High Strength Woven Rope


You’re at your favorite camping place out in the wild and you’re all set up for the night. You and your fellow campers decided to go for a walk in the woods but it’s getting dark very quickly and you really should be heading to your camping place. But you’re not worried; you have your flashlight and you know the general direction of your tent. Plus you secured the tents with the Reflective Paracord which will make them easy to spot.

Every survivalist knows it’s important to have HIGH QUALITY Rope, and that’s exactly what this Reflective Paracord is.

The Materials

This Reflective Rope is made of HIGHLY-DURABLE nylon making it lightweight yet extremely resistant to external elements.

Due to the reflective material woven into it, it’s easy to find it making it very PRACTICAL.

The details

Our Reflective Paracord is just what every nomad wants and needs; it’s multi-functionality makes it possible to use it for tent guy lines, to hang bear bags, or it can be used as a survival rope to tie up tarps or shelters and so much more.



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