Emergency Survival Blanket

You’re in the mountains on a weekend-long fishing trip. Night is approaching and the wind is picking up. It’s getting colder than you expected for this time of the year. But you don’t mind because you’re always prepared. Aside from your usual gear, you always pack an additional Emergency Survival Blanket because you never know what’s going to happen.

A survivalist will know that a FAST REACTION can save someone’s life, and sometimes that reaction can be to simply wrap someone in a Survival Blanket.

The Material

This Emergency Survival Blanket is made of Aluminum Foil which means it retains body heat.

The Survival Blanket can also be used as a REFLECTIVE FILM to send a signal to rescuers.

It is windproof and waterproof making it a compact emergency PROTECTION in all weather conditions.

The Details

This reusable Survival Blanket is light and easy to carry and store. It is big enough to be used a poncho in wet weather or as an added layer in a sleeping bag.

It can be used for regular camping trips or to be stored in a vehicle for just in case; having it is a definite way to be prepared.

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