The Big Kahuna: 50 L Survival and Mountaineering Rucksack


So you’re packing for your annual week long mountaineering trip and you have no idea how to pack all your stuff in a well organized way? That’s not a problem you’ll have if you have THE BIG KAHUNA in your possession. Simply take out all your gear and put it in this Rucksack; it can take it because THIS is the Rucksack MADE FOR mountaineering and any other survivalist’s expedition.

The Materials

This badass 50 liters Mountaineering Rucksack is made of HIGH DENSITY Nylon making it not only waterproof but also EXTRA sturdy and strong.

With padded and adjustable shoulder straps this Rucksack is super comfortable, even more so because of the breathable mesh backing which provides a cool feel in hot weather.

The Details

What with MOLLE webbing, plenty of organization pockets, zipper openings, and many other conveniently placed details, this Rucksack is perfect for mountaineering, traveling, camping or any other outdoor activity.

Put all your gear along with your tablet in this Rucksack and you’re GOOD TO GO on any adventure your nomad’s mind can think of.

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