Automatic Inflatable Mat

The moon is high and all you can hear are the sounds the forest makes. Insects, birds, leaves… Some might find it spooky, this dark and quiet place. But you don’t because you’ve made your camp and you’re super comfortable in your favorite Inflatable Mat. You’re going to sleep like a baby.

The Automatic Inflatable Mat is made for a modern survivalist; it’s easy usage and comfy mattress is just what every nomad needs for a night out in the wild.

The Material

This AUTOMATICALLY Inflatable Mat is made of damp-proof PVC coated polyester. The Mat also contains an inner sponge making it ideal for being used on a damp ground while providing its user a comfortable place to rest its adventure-filled body.

Our Mattress is easily inflatable, super soft and light making it extremely convenient to carry.

The Details

A good-nights-rest is what everyone needs; especially a thrill-seeking adventurer and our durable, high-quality, comfy Mat offers just that.

Convenient to be used for camping, fishing and hunting trips, picnics, beach days and more.

Collections: Camping

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