Double Sided Tactical Carabiner

The Sun is high above you; you’re in the zone, you’re almost at the top but you’re so thirsty and your mouth is dry. But you’re sick of having to take off your backpack to get the water bottle out and then put it back in. But hey! You brought that extra Carabiner with you to have it just in case; and it’s perfect to use it to attach your water bottle to your belt. Problem solved.

Every modern nomad knows it’s important to have some things in handy; and a convenient carabiner offers just that, practicality and availability of your most-needed camping accessories.

The Material

This handy little tool is made of HIGH-QUALITY, durable, no-slip plastic.

Its HOLLOW DESING makes it extra light while it’s S-shape makes it practical enough to be used as a backpack buckle or as a Carabiner to secure different outdoor tools.

The Details

Whether it’s for camping, hiking, or fishing; whether you need to secure your key chain or hang your kettle, you can never have enough Carabiners and this light yet strong PRACTICAL ACCESSORY is exactly what a true survivalist needs.

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