Military Grade Camouflage Raincoat / Poncho / Tent

It’s early morning, you’re all set to go up into the mountain, everything is packed and ready. Unfortunately, it’s pouring outside, it literally seems like a Biblical flood is happening. But you don’t mind. You’re a survivalist and a little rain will not get you to change your mind and make you stay indoors. Because you always carry the best gear with you. Because you have your awesome, high quality Camouflage Raincoat.

Let’s be honest, what’s a survivalist without a MULTI-FUNCTIONAL RAINCOAT? If you don’t already have one, GET ONE!

The Materials

This MILITARY-STYLE, first grade Camouflage Raincoat is made of polyester taffeta making it light yet waterproof.

It is specifically designed to be worn while walking so it’s really comfortable yet ULTRA-LIGHT and portable.

The Details

The BEST FEATURE of this awesome Camouflage Raincoat is that it has one size that fits all making it possible to be worn even over your backpack, protecting it from the rain.

It can be used as a Raincoat, a Poncho, Camping Tent or as an awning. It’s also super easy to fold and store.

Be prepared for any scenario and STAY DRY with this awesome Military Raincoat.

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