Carbon-Steel Pocket Chain Saw



You’ve been hiking with a backpack the whole day and you’ve finally reached the perfect place to set up your camp. Your tent is up, and now all you need to do is get some fire going. And you want to build that fire old school. That means you need to get some branches but there aren’t any on the ground around you. Good thing you’ve got your favorite Pocket Chain Saw to help you get some branches down.

It’s time to hit the WILD while being totally prepared. A true nomad knows; sometimes you need more than a knife to survive; sometimes you need a QUALITY Chain Saw.

The Material

Our COMPACT Pocket Chain Saw is made of solid, no-slip plastic and extremely durable stainless steel.

This Carbon-steel Saw is approximately 50cm in diameter making it possible to roll up and easy to fit in your pocket or backpack.

The Details

This sharp, easy-to-carry and use, small size SAW is an important part on every survivalist’s camping gear.

Gather fire wood easily; chop up any branches in a minute; clear any fence lines with ease; all with this CONVINIENT Pocket Chain Saw.


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