Emergency Survival Kit 10 in 1


Your car suddenly died on an abandoned road somewhere out in the wilderness. You have no cell service; no way to reach anyone to come pick you up. It’s getting dark fast and it’s getting colder. But you stay calm and collected, because you’re ready. All you need to do is open your trunk and get your trusted Emergency Survival Kit which has everything you need.

Sometimes it truly is about the SURVIVAL of the fittest, but as turns out, the fittest ones are the ones who are well equipped for every situation.

The Materials

This Emergency Survival Kit is the definition of multi-functionality. It has a black sturdy box which contains: Flint stone; Scraper; Flashlight; Swiss Card; Portable Mini Light; Compass; Multi-function Knife; Whistle; and a Tungsten Steel Pen.

Maybe the best part of this awesome Kit is the UNIQUE Swiss Card which can easily fit in your wallet and which has 11 functions like can opener; 4-position wrench; and knife edge, just to name a few.

The Details

The easy-to-carry, STURDY CASE which contains this equipment is waterproof and resistant to shock and abrasions. Basically, it’s indestructible, like you.