Endless Match

Material: Metal
Package content: 1pc

Note: (The lighter fluid can be gas or kerosene, and neither of them is included in the package).

Description Endless survival match box Reminder : please fill in lighter fluid before using (2-3 ml ) , or the wicker would be destroyed by fire ; Compact :1.8*1.6*6.3 cm , key ring included , can by hung on key holder ; Material : stainless steel and ABS plastic ; Can be used for about many times (this lighter is reusable after filling new lighter fluid ); Attention : 1: please fill in fuel before using ,there is no fuel included , so it can not be lit up when you receive it , 2: Please follow below instructions to use ; 3:It is easy to light up ,but It needs some skills to light up for new users , you may be able to light it up 4 of 10 times ; 4: Please blow out the fire in 10 seconds , because if there is no oil , the cotton wick would be destroyed for long time lighting ; This is an essential and favorite gift for people who like outdoor ,camping , great survival gear .

The new million matches do not have fuel inside, please first add fuel, it is best for the fire machine special oil (high purity, high ignition rate, strong anti-volatile), the initial use of metal bars need to slide the side of the match box protection Layer, so as to rub out enough spark to ignite.
Do not burn too hard, because the oil is dry after burning the Miansheng, Miansheng burned is not easy to oil, of course, you can also mix some cotton thread on the match rod to remedy ~
As for the waterproofing is the whole matchbox thrown into the water, can still be used after removal, not to ignite the match rod thrown into the water will not be destroyed, do not misunderstand ~

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