Folding Water Basin and Bucket

It’s bright and early, the sun is slowly rising and you’ve just woken up in your tent after a nice and relaxing night. You’re enjoying the quiet and the coolness of the morning but you could really use some fresh water to wash away the sleep from your eyes. Good thing you brought some water in the Basin the previous day from the cold and clean near-by stream.  

Even a hardcore survivalist needs to wash up from time to time and what better way to do it than from a high quality Folding Water Basin.

The Materials

This super practical Water Basin is made of Cordura and Nylon making it foldable, light and easily portable.

High quality makes it possible to avoid any side leakage and deformity.

The Details

This watertight and durable Water Basin is perfect for washing produce and dishes making it extra convenient for traveling, camping, hiking, fishing or any outdoor activity.

It’s easy to store and even easier to use; simply put some water in it and you’ll have an instant Bucket even in the most remote wilderness.

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