Tactical Self Defense Pen and Glass Breaker


They say that a pen is mightier than a sword, and in this case, that’s definitely true. As a true survivalist you know how important it is to have a practical multi-functional tool with you at all times and that’s exactly what this MIGHTY Tactical Pen is: a MULTI-FUNCTIONAL tool that should always be with you in any situation.

The Materials

This Tactical Self Defense Pen and Glass Breaker are made of high quality, extra durable Aircraft Aluminum making it strong enough for self defense scenarios or for emergency escape situations when it’s necessary to break glass or windows.

Its small size makes this Tactical Self Defense Pen SUPER CONVINIENT, easy to carry and store in your pocket or your bug out bag.

The Details

Don’t ever find yourself stuck in your car, instead, be a true survivalist by carrying the necessary tool with you like this awesome little guy who’ll get you out of a bad situation in a moment’s notice.

Keep yourself safe and unharmed with this Tactical Pen always ready and near you.

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