Key Chain Hook


Is the wild your second home? Is adrenalin always pumping in your veins? Are you always ready for action and adventure? Then you must be a real live nomad. But a nomad is no true nomad without proper tools always there when you need them. A day may come when you need your favorite multifunctional tool kit but you forgot to bring it with you. But luckily, you have your awesome Key Chain that’s always there to save the day.

Sometimes all a survivalist needs is a super cool MULTIFUNCTIONAL Key Chain to get that emergency situation settled.

The Materials

This amazing little multifunctional wonder that is actually a Key Chain Tool is made of STAINLESS STEEL making it extra durable and corrosion resistant.

Its handy ROTARY WHEEL DESING makes it possible to easily switch between the tools.

The Details

Our super convenient Key Chain offers TOOLS which include six models wrench, bottle opener, knife, measuring tape, nail file, pry bar, wire strippers and a large and medium flathead.

This Multifunctional Key Chain is perfect for any outdoor expedition or to simply open a bottle of beer, because hey, that’s an EMERGENCY too.

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