Medical Bag 2L Waterproof Emergency


1. Capacity: 2L
2. Tiled size: 10.3*6.7*33.5cm / 4.06 * 2.64 * 13.19 in
3. Material: Environmental friendly PVC
4. Application: Portable, first-aid supplies for travel outdoor team, can accommodate all kinds of medicine, bandage, tape, small blade,lighter, etc.


1. Before using this product, please do waterproof test and check whether there is damaged parts, especially the seal and its around.
2. After each use, please check the spat and the seal, avoid strong impact and scratches, and do not use it for a long time at high temperatures.
3. After using it in water, if you need to remove the items, please dry the surface and the seal to avoid residual moisture flow into the waterproof bag.


Put the items into the bag, fold the bag mouth around the rigid plastic sheet three times, then fasten buckle!

Collections: Health & First Aid

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