Military Bucket Hats



The sun is up high, there is no cover anywhere around you; it feels like you’re in an oven. It’s not fun getting a sunstroke. Good thing you won’t suffer from it. Because as a smart survivalist, you not only bring all the necessary gear you might need when you go hiking, but you also always dress according to the elements; and this means when it’s sunny and hot, you always bring a hat to cover your dome.

Yes, equipment is SUPER IMPORTANT when you’re out in the wild; but so is what you wear to protect and cover your body and head.

The Materials

This unisex, casual-style Bucket Hat is made of a combination of cotton and polyester making it SUPER COMFORTABLE yet suitable for different seasons.

It can be worn during Spring, Summer and Autumn so it’s really practical.

The Details

This MILITARY-STYLE Bucket Hat comes in different colors and it’s perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, mountaineering and every other outdoor adventure you can think of.

Be cool, look awesome, BE SMART and cover your dome.

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