Multifunction Keyholder Portable


You might be a survivalist but that doesn’t mean you absolutely always have a bunch of tools with you when you need them. Besides, sometimes you simply need just one multi-functional tool that has EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED. And the best part, that tool is right there with you because you use it as a Key Holder. And this tool has EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED to fix the emergency situation you’ve found yourself in.

The Materials

One of the BEST SELLERS, this little, badass Multi-function Key Holder is made of Surgical Stainless Steel making it not only super durable, but ENVIRONMETALLY FRIENDLY as well.

Not only is this Key Holder Multi-functional, but it’s super compact, easy to carry and store as well as easy to wash.

The Details

With tools like serrated saw/file, bottle opener, standard hex head wrench, small clipping or hook knife, ruler and pin, this is EXACTLY what every modern nomad needs whether to take it for camping or a simple run to the grocery store to get yourself a bottle of beer. Basically, this portable, little Key Holder does it all.

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