Outdoor Tent Light



Your tent is all set up for a nice long weekend at your favorite camping site. Just one last touch is needed to ensure that all those tiny critters stay away from your own place in the wild. All you need to do is make sure there is plenty of light around your tent and the only way you can do that is by placing a few of the MINI, SUPER BRIGHT LED Tent Lights.

The Materials

This super handy, compact, lightweight, durable, PERFECT-FOR-CAMPING Tent Light is made of ABS Plastic and it’s equipped with a flexible handle making it super easy to carry around or hang inside or around your tent.  

This LED Light has a built in 1800mAh RECHARGABLE Lithium Battery which can be recharged via USB cable.

The Details

Our amazing little LED Tent Light can last up to 10 hours making it perfect for camping, fishing, hiking or any other outdoor activity that comes to your adventure-thirsty mind.

Make sure you never end up in the dark by having these HANDY Camping Lights all around you.

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