Outdoor Waterproof Storage Capsule


Every survivalist will say that the only way to conquer the wilderness is by having the right tools and equipment. But all those survivalist will also agree that another important fact is to know how to store those tools properly and securely. If not taken care of, some tools can get rusty or just simply lost. This is where HIGH QUALITY Waterproof Storage Capsules can come in handy.

The Materials

These EDC Waterproof Storage Capsules are made of MILITARY no-slip Aviation Aluminum making them PERFECT for keeping your gear protected and dry for any adventure that comes to your mind.

Not only light and easy to carry, this Storage Capsule can be attached to your belt in order to have it close by.

The Details

Made to keep things like first aid supplies, fishing gear, tools, liquids, paste or powder, matches or money; this Outdoor Storage Capsule is ideal for keeping your necessary items SEALED, SECURED and SAFE.

Whether you use it for hiking, camping, fishing or any other outdoor activity, this is the thing to keep your gear safe and sound.



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