Ultimate Survivalist Paracord Bracelet


Imagine being out in the wild.  

Your palms are sweating and the moonlight is creating an ominous glow around you. You don't fear the dark, you embrace it.  Especially because you're prepared.  

The Ultimate Survivalist Paracord Bracelet is MADE for the modern nomad.  With 5 functions built into its small frame, it's the perfect companion for survivalists.  

The Materials

The Ultimate Survivalist Paracord Bracelet is made of BATTLE-TESTED, 7-core paracord rope for durability.  The metal is a consistent Zinc Alloy with multiple functions made for the wild.  

Not only is it tough-as-nails, our Paracord Bracelet has countless abilities for your survivalist adventures.  With a full length of 19cm and an entire rope length of 3.2m it can withstand even the toughest nomad's use.  

The Details

Our signature Paracord Bracelet has 5 hidden abilities: outdoor life-saving Flint for creating fires, a mini-compass for navigating the wild, a cut rope, knife, and whistle.  

With all of these crucial features hidden in plain site, there's no question as to why it's our BEST SELLER.  Begin your ultimate adventure with our CRUCIAL Ultimate Survivalist Paracord Bracelet.

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