Telescoping Survival Fishing Rod

Feel like making a quick fishing trip without having to pack up your full fishing gear? All you need is the basic fishing gear along with some other equipment in your backpack. But actually, this Fishing Rod is all you’ll ever need for the out of the blue little FISHING EXCURSION.

Be ready for your next spontaneous fishing trip by having this little guy always in your backpack.

The Materials

This PRACTICAL Telescoping Fishing Rod is made of a combination of Fibre Glass and Aluminum Alloy; it’s lightweight, compact and super easy to use, carry and store.

The Aluminum Alloy reel on this Fishing Rod includes forward and reverse ratchet stop and drag control.

The Details

When closed this Telescoping Fishing Rod is 21cm long and when expended it’s 97cm long making it the definition of PORTABLE and PRACTICAL fishing equipment.

You can buy this Fishing Rod as a perfect gift for someone, or simply buy one for yourself and always have it with you for an unplanned quick and fun fishing expedition.

Collections: Camping

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