Pocket Size First Aid Emergency Scissor

Every survivalist will say that when it comes to emergency situations it’s the equipment what can save a life. And when you’re stuck high up on a mountain in the middle of nowhere, having and knowing how to use the proper tools can certainly mean a difference between life and death; this is why it’s always important to be prepared. This is why it’s important to have at least the basic first aid kit but more importantly to have Emergency Scissors which is THE TOOL to help you approach the wound.

The Materials

These First Aid Emergency Scissors are made of SURGICAL Stainless Steel with a high quality, no slip Plastic handle.

These ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED Emergency Scissors are shaped in such a way that allows the flat end to get under the dressings and easily cut through them without cutting the patient.

The Details

These POCKET SIZED Emergency Scissors are perfect for medical, veterinary, or any other type of emergency.

Always be prepared for an emergency situation; always have the right tools; always carry these TACTICAL First Aid Emergency Scissors.

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