Survival Paracord Wristband For Apple Watch


The sun is slowly setting, you’ve been hiking the whole day but you’ve finally reached your favorite camping spot and now all you need to do is set up your tent and enjoy your solo time in the wild. As you’re unpacking your tools you suddenly realize you forgot to bring your Tent Rope. But that’s fine. As the modern survivalist you are, you always got a Survival Paracord with you. And this Paracord is actually a Wristband of your Apple watch which you always have on your hand.

The Materials

This awesome Paracord is made of HIGH INTENSITY Nylon Rope making it super durable and wear resistant.

This Survival Paracord also contains a Stainless Steel Shackle but NO, it doesn’t come with the actual Apple Watch, so don’t ask for it.

The Details

Super comfortable, this Paracord Wristband is stylish, simple and efficient.

Made especially for a MODERN SURVIVALIST, whether you wear it outdoors for different adventures or during a meeting simply to be ready when SHTF; always be prepared, always have this badass Survival Paracord Wristband with you.


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