Solar Panel Charger


You’re on vacation, on a beach; it’s peace and quiet and all you can hear is the sound of waves. You’re relaxed but because of your job, you always have to be on stand-by; you always have to be available and prepared so that when the call comes you can go into action. So when you notice your phone battery is almost dead, you don’t sweat and you don’t become nervous because you, of course, brought your Solar Panel Charger, just as you always do.

The Materials

This Solar Panel Charger is made of Monocrystalline Silicon and it has the maximum power of 5W.

This Solar Mobile Power uses SOLAR ENERGY making it ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and easy to use. 

The Details

This Solar Panel Charger doesn’t store energy; it’s used to charge your phone under the sun within 60min.

This easy-to-carry, highly efficient, Solar Panel is especially suitable for emergency situations out in the open like in fields or while traveling.

Never let your phone battery die ever again; always be available and ready by having this Panel Charger with you.

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