Solar Radio Hand Crank Self Powered Phone Charger

Are you a survivalist? A survivalist who’s always ready, always prepared, has good tools and knows how to use those tools in emergency situations? But it’s not just about being ready and prepared; it’s also about always having a back-up plan. So if your phone suddenly dies while you’re in the middle of nowhere and it’s not the battery and you’re in an emergency situation, what are you going to do? You’re going to use the Emergency Radio of course.

The Materials

This Solar Power Radio is an EMERGENCY RADIO made of high quality Plastics and it can be charged in three different ways: by hand cranking it to wind up the internal alternator; you can charge it by the solar panel that the Radio contains; or simply use the USB cable to connect it to your computer.

This COMPACT, light, easy-to-carry Radio allows 5min radio play time; over 30min of continuous torch light; and 5min of cell phone talk time.

The Details

The built-in LED torch makes this Self-powered Portable Radio even more CONVENIENT and AN ESSENTIAL part of a survival kit.

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