Survival FIRST AID KIT EMPTY BAG Medical Mini Emergency Rescue Bag Hight Quality 19*14*9cm

Notice:The package only include empty first aid bags!
First Aid & Survival Empty Bags
Car, Home, Camping, Hiking & Adventure Trips, Travel, Backpacking and Workplace Safety
Compact, Tough with High-Quality Medical Contents

Be Prepared for Unexpected Emergencies, Trauma or when a Disaster Occurs!

• Do you ever worry about getting hurt & not having an emergency kit?
• Could you assist victims of a car accident & help to stop bleeding fast?
• When you prepared at home or your workplace when someone gets cut or burnt?
• Worried about the quality of the medical items in cheap first aid kits?

What’s new in the 2016 Survival First Aid KIT?
• Compact design easily fits in your car glove box or under the seat. Also, perfect for trucks, boats and other vehicles.
• Manufactured to be tough & endure rigorous travel, hiking or camping yet lightweight and flexible enough to mould into crammed backpacks and luggage. Plastic cases break easily -- this kit won't.
• Color-coded label design allows for quick location of the needed supplies.
• Extra space for your personal items such as ointments, aspirins and medications. We don't supply pain relievers as this is usually a personal requirement.

• Great as a gift for a family member such as a working or travelling son, daughter or parents.
• Each of the contents passes FDA standards. Nothing is out of date -- unlike many of the cheaper kits.

What's unique about this kit?
Color-coded label design allows for quick location of the needed supplies. Red = Trauma, Blue = Hygiene, Green = Info., Black = Utilities
Individual first aid components are labelled and tells you how many items you need to remain compliant
Reflective piping to help you find the KIT in the dark



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