Survival Nomads 2500 mAh Backup Power Bank


You’ve been hiking for hours and you’re almost at the top. And the reason you’ve been walking for so long is the view you’re going to see once you get there; a million dollars worth view. But suddenly you notice that your phone battery is going to die; it just needs that last little bit of juice to make it up there so you can snap some amazing photos. Good thing you’re ALWAYS PREPARED and you’ve got your trusty Survival Nomads Backup Power Bank always with you.

The Materials

Our own Backup Power Bank has the capacity of 2500 mAh which will allow you a little over one full charge.

Our Power Bank is just slightly larger than a credit card making it the perfect QUICK and CONVINIENT BACKUP.

The Details

Super easy to carry and store this Power Bank is perfect for any outdoor adventures you’re seeking to have.

Never ever end up with an empty battery again; instead always have the Survival Nomads Backup Power Bank to juice up your phone and STAY IN TOUCH with the world no matter how remote in the wilderness you are.

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