Tactical Knife Pouch

Let’s face it nomads, what use is a knife if it’s buried all the way down in your backpack on your back? A true survivalist should always be ready and this means that a knife should always be ready, always be there, at arm’s reach. Like right on your belt from where you can just whip it out and be ready to quickly use it.

The Materials

This SUPER HANDY Tactical Knife Pouch is made of high quality Polyester making it not only water resistant, but wear and tear resistant and HIGHLY DURABLE.

The Elastic material and high quality Plastic Clip make this MOLLE Style Pouch super practical.

The Details

You can attach this Tactical Knife Pouch to your belt, bag or backpack as well as your favorite MOLLE webbing vest.

Use this Pouch to keep your knife close by or even to store a rifle magazine near-by.

Don’t be just a survivalist; be a PRACTICAL survivalist with this badass Tactical Pouch.

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