Tactical Medical Pouch


Whether you’re a survivalist or simply a smart, conscientious person having a proper, durable MEDICAL BAG is simply an absolute necessity. And it’s not enough to only have one stashed somewhere inside your home; it’s about being prepared always; anytime, anyplace. And this is where a Tactical Medical Pouch comes super in handy, because it’s small, yet can hold all the emergency medical supplies necessary.

The Materials

This convenient Tactical Medical Pouch is made of HIGH QUALITY Nylon material and it’s waterproof and wear and tear resistant.

The zipper closure and a small internal ribbon allow for the supplies to be perfectly SECURE while the small size makes it super easy to store and carry.

The Details

The MOLLE design allows for this Medical Pouch to be strapped onto a tactical vest, belt or girdle or you can simply load it into your backpack, bug out bag or make it an essential part of your emergency preparedness kit.

Never be caught off guard by a medical emergency again; instead, have this Tactical Medical Pouch always close by and ready for any scenario possible.

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