Tactical Shoulder Pouch for Mobile Phone

Everything is packed and ready with your backpack on your back and the only thing you need to do is lock up your house and load your car; then you’re off to a weekend long camping trip or as you see it, you’re off to paradise. The only thing left to pack are your keys which you always keep in your pants pocket and your phone which you don’t like carrying around pockets. So the only thing left to do is put it in your favorite Shoulder Bag; this way not only will you have your phone close by at all times, but it won’t weigh down your pants as you hike up the mountain.

The Materials

This Tactical Shoulder Bag, which comes in different colors, is made of high quality Nylon so of course it’s waterproof and BASICALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE.

With a STURDY plastic buckle this Tactical Bag is perfect for placing it on your backpack shoulder strap so your phone is close by.

The Details

This awesome Tactical Shoulder Bag is simply MADE FOR STORING your phone, camera or any other small item you wish to bring with you on your next adventure.

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